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Lennart Ronnback
Lennart Ronnback
Birth: 21 May 1905
Jakobstad, Ostrobothnia, Russian Empire (now Finland)
Death: 4 November 2007
Jakobstad, Ostrobothnia, Finland
Age: 102 years, 167 days
Country: FinlandFIN

Lennart Ronnback [Finnish: Lennart Rönnback] (21 May 1905 – 4 November 2007) was a Finnish centenarian and White Guard veteran of the Finnish Civil War of 1918.


Ronnback was born in Jakobstad, Ostrobothnia, Russian Empire (now Finland) on 21 May 1905.

Ronnback died in Jakobstad, Ostrobothnia, Finland on 4 November 2007 at the age of 102 years, 167 days. He was considered the last White Guard veteran of the Finnish Civil War at the time of his death, but later Lauri Nurminen was discovered.