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Leopold Vietoris
Leopold Vietoris
Birth: 4 June 1891
Radkersburg, Austria-Hungary
Death: 9 April 2002
Innsbruck, Austria
Age: 110 years, 309 days
Country: AustriaAUT

Dr. Leopold Vietoris (4 June 1891 – 9 April 2002) was an Austrian mathematician and a World War I veteran. He was known for his contributions to topology — notably the Mayer-Vietoris sequence which bears his name — and other fields of mathematics. Additionally, he gained further notability in his final years for being the oldest person in Austria following the death of Theresia Pichler in 1999. At the time of his death in 2002 at the age of 110 years, 309 days, he was the first (and only) man from Austria to become a supercentenarian, and remains the oldest Austrian man of all time as of 2021.


Leopold Vietoris was born in Radkersburg, Austra-Hungary on 4 June 1891. His parents were Hugo Vietoris, a railway engineer, and Anna Diller. His father later became head of planning in the city of Vienna and was involved in the construction of bridges from 1913 to 1915.

After his graduation from the “Benediktinergymnasium” in Melk, he studied both mathematics and descriptive geometry at the Technical University in Vienna. He was drafted into the military in 1914, but continued his studies despite this. In September 1914, he was wounded, and after his recovery he was sent to the southern front. On November 4, 1918, he became an Italian prisoner of war, but due to decent treatment, he was able to complete his thesis, which after his release he submitted to Gustav von Escherich and Wilhelm Wirtinger in December 1919 at the University of Vienna. While he was working as a high school teacher, he would later receive a postcard from Escherich congratulating him on his thesis, and offered him an assistant position at the Technical University in Graz. Two years later, Vietoris received his Habilitation in Vienna on the recommendation of H. Hahn. He would later receive his PhD. in 1920. In autumn 1928, he married his first wife, Klara Riccabona, who later died while giving birth to their sixth daughter. In 1936 he married Klara's sister, Maria Riccabona.

Vietoris remained scientifically active in his later years, even writing one paper on trigonometric sums at the age of 103. He had an interest in mathematical history and was a keen alpinist. With his wife Maria Josefa Vincentia, born von Riccabona zu Reichenfels (18 July 1901 – 24 March 2002), dying at age 100, they became one of the eldest couples of the world, having the seventh-highest aggregate age of a married couple (total combined age). Their combined age at the end of their marriage, 211 years and 177 days, is the second highest on record. Vietoris died two weeks after her death. Vietoris died on 9 April 2002, aged 110 years, 309 days old, after having been Austria's oldest person for three years. He was survived by his six daughters, 17 grandchildren, and 30 great-grandchildren. He remains Austria's oldest man of all time as of 2021.



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