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Louisa Thiers
Louisa Thiers
Louisa Thiers at the age of 111.
Birth: 2 October 1814
Whitesboro, New York, USA
Death: 17 February 1926
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Age: 111 years, 138 days
Country: United StatesUSA

Louisa Kirwan Thiers (née Capron; 2 October 1814 – 17 February 1926) was a validated American supercentenarian.


Thiers was born in Whitesboro, Oneida County, New York. Her parents were Seth (a Revolutionary War veteran) and Eunice Capron. Eunice was 47 when Louisa was born. She had four older brothers and one older sister. In the 1830s, she and her family moved to Kenosha, Wisconsin. She moved to Milwaukee in 1850.

On 6 April 1847, she married David Bodine Thiers. The couple had five children in total, of which one died as an infant. David died in 1875. She was an advocate for women’s emancipation.

At the age 106, Thiers could still read and write letters by hand.

At the age of 108, Thiers could recall the opening of the Erie Canal, riding one of the first steam railways in New York, and seeing Halley’s comet two times. She was also interested in current events. She attributed her longevity to a moderate diet, lots of sleep, exercise, keeping interest in life and being happy/making others happy.

At the age of 111, Thiers stated that ”you can’t mix love and a career” and that ”motherhood is one of the biggest blessings that can come to any woman”.

Thiers died in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, on 17 February 1926, at the age of 111 years, 138 days. At one point in time, she may have been the oldest validated person ever and the first validated person to reach age 111. Delina Filkins surpassed her record the same year.