Luca Bulic

Luca Bulic
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Luca Bulic

Birth: 11 December 1895
Sluznju, Citluk, Austria-Hungary (now Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Death: 3 July 2005
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Age: 109 years, 203 days

Luca Bulic [Bosnian: Bulić] (11 December 1895 – 3 July 2005) was a Bosnian centenarian. At time of her death, she was the oldest (known) living person in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Luca Bulic was born in Sluznju [Bosnian: Služnju], in the municipality of Citluk [Bosnian: Čitluk], Austria-Hungary (now Bosnia and Herzegovina) on 11 December 1895 (claimed on 11 February).

She gave birth to four children, and her husband, Mate, left her home in World War II in 1945, and never returned home. She was alone with four children, and she was raised up with the labors with the work. She spent all her life in agriculture. She grew tobacco, planted vineyards, produced grapes and wine. She kept sheep. She was rarely ill, she never went to the doctor, just before her death, her heart problems were reported. Mostly, dairy products were her favorite food. She did not like the meat and rarely ate it.

Bulic died in Bosnia and Herzegovina on 3 July 2005 at the age of 109 years, 203 days. Her age have been questioned because the document, which Bulic showed to journalists and "proved" her claimed age, was issued on 1 April 1998. But if her age is true, she could be one of the oldest woman in Bosnia and Herzegovina.[1][2]


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