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Luo Shimin
Luo Shimin
Luo in 2017
Birth: 25 October 1907
Shexian, Anhui Province, China
Death: fl.31 October 2017
Shanyin Road, Hongkou, Shanghai, China
Age: 110 years, 6+ days
Country: ChinaCHN

Luo Shimin (Chinese: 罗时敏; 25 October 1907 – fl. 31 October 2017) was a Chinese supercentenarian whose age is currently unvalidated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG).


Luo claimed to have been born in Shexian, Anhui Province, China on 25 October 1907; however, her oldest daughter, Huang Gaoqin, said that she was actually born in April 1907. Luo's mother died when she was just 8 years old. Thereafter, according to her stories, was treated poorly by her stepmother. Luo Shimin is a daughter-in-law of literati painter, Huang Binhong (1865–1955). She raised 4 children. Her profession was proofreader at The Commercial Press.

Reportedly, she keeps a vegetarian diet most of the time and likes congee. Before her 105th birthday, Luo Shimin would go out to shop and practiced calligraphy. However, she was injured in a fall in 2013 and, a year later, suffered from pneumonia. She fell again in 2015, but she recovered under the care of her family. Luo Shimin told to the Shanghai Observer that the key to her longevity was staying positive, keeping a regular routine and being taken a good care of by family.

In September 2017, she was reported as the second-oldest living person in Shanghai, after Xu Senzhen.

She lived in Shanyin Road, Hongkou, Shanghai, China with her oldest daughter, Huang Gaoqin (age 89 in 2017) and son-in-law Zhang Chuanghong (age 90 in 2017).