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Makato Kinjo
Birth: 7 August 1888
Okinawa, Japan
Death: 18 August 1998
Okinawa, Japan
Age: 110 years, 11 days
Country: JapanJPN

Makato Kinjo (née Takara; 7 August 1888 – 18 August 1998) is a validated Japanese supercentenarian. [1]


Makato Kinjo was born Makato Takara in Okinawa, Japan on 7 August 1888. She had 2 half-siblings born to her father's first wife. She had 5 other siblings. Her father worked as a butcher and died at age 90; her mother died aged 70. Two of her siblings died aged 60, one at 45, and a brother died aged 70. The ages of her remaining siblings are not certain.

Kinjo never received an official education. She married her first husband, a man with the last name Teruya, at the age of 21. Kinjo mainly farmed their land, but also partook in weaving and sewing. Three years into the couple's marriage, they moved to Hawaii, USA, but divorced 7 years later due to Kinjo's inability to produce a baby boy. Kinjo married her second (and last) husband aged 47. During their 33-year-long marriage, they amassed a lot of money from a shop in Japan that they were operating.

At the age of 85, Kinjo had surgery to remove cataracts, and underwent surgery again 5 years later for a broken hip. She moved into a nursing home aged 94, after suggesting the option to her daughter. Kinjo was very independent, and particularly enjoyed tofu. She was noted to have always removed the fat from pork before she ate it.

Makato Kinjo died in Okinawa, Japan, on 18 August 1998, aged 110 years, 11 days. [2]


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