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Malvyna Stoniene
Malvyna Stoniene
Birth: 23 February 1908?
Tytuvenai, Siauliai County, Russian Empire (now Lithuania)
Death: fl. 7 April 2018
Siauliai, Siauliai County, Lithuania
Age: 110 years, 43+ days?
Country: LithuaniaLTU

Malvyna Stoniene [Lithuanian: Malvyna Stonienė] (23 February 1908? – fl. 7 April 2018) was a Lithuanian supercentenarian whose age is currently unvalidated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG).


Malvyna claimed to have been born on 23 February 1908 in Tytuvenai, Siauliai County, Russian Empire (present-day Lithuania). During her childhood, she helped her mother to work at the house. At the age of 33, she married Izidorius Stonys. They moved to the village of Kalviskes, near Lyduvenai in Raseiniai District Municipality. Her husband worked at the collective farm and Malvyna worked at the house. Her husband passed away 40 years prior to Malvyna's claimed 110th birthday. During the Second World War, her family had to hide in the forest for some time.

They had three children, all still alive as of 2018: Alfonsas Stonys (aged 74), Aldona Rozenbergeriene (aged 67) and Albinas Stonys (aged 65). At that time, she also had 5 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

Malvyna was last known to be alive on 7 April 2018 at the claimed age of 110 years, 43 days. At that time, she lived in Siauliai, Siauliai County, Lithuania.