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Margaret Dowarka
Margaret Dowarka
Dowarka at the claimed age of 115
Birth: 1 April 1902?
Death: 5 July 2017
St Mary Parish, Jamaica
Age: 115 years, 95 days?
Country: JamaicaJAM
Longevity claimant

Margaret Dowarka (1 April 1902? - 5 July 2017) was a Jamaican Longevity claimant.


Margaret Dowarka claimed to have been born on 1 April 1902, one of six children to her parents. She outlived both her husband, and four of their thirteen children.

She died on 5 July 2017, at the claimed age of 115 years and 95 days[1]. Depending on the validity of her age claim, she may have been - at the time of her death - the second-oldest living woman in Jamaica behind 117 year-old Violet Brown.

Age Issue

On Portal called FamilySearch, it was revealed that Dowarka was actually born in 1911, which would make her only 106 years old[2].