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Maria Alvarez
Maria Alvarez
Birth: 16 September 1898?
Tinogasta Department, Catamarca Province, Argentina
Death: 3 October 2017
Campanas, Famatina Department, Argentina
Age: 119 years, 17 days?
Country: ArgentinaARG
Longevity claimant

Maria Berta Alvarez de Herrera (16 September 1898? – 3 October 2017) was an Argentine longevity claimant who claimed to be the world’s oldest living person at the time of her death.


Maria Berta Alvarez was born and raised in a rural area. Her mother died during childbirth and Maria was given up for adoption. Maria was adopted to the Godoy family. She never attended a school. She lived with her daughter, Catalina del Carmen Alvarez (aged 72 in 2017).

Maria married Esteban Herrera in Campanas, Famatina Department. They had nine children (one deceased as of 2016).

Alvarez died of natural causes around 5:00 AM on 3 October 2017 at the claimed age of 119 years, 17 days.