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Maria Andersson
Birth: 24 December 1828?
Viipuri, Finland
Death: 24 August 1946
Lapinlahti, Länsisatama, Helsinki, Finland
Age: 117 years, 243 days?
Country: FinlandFIN
Longevity claimant

Maria Eufrosyne Andersson (24 December 1828? – 24 August 1946) was a Finnish supercentenarian who claimed to be the oldest Finnish person ever. She was the oldest Helsinki inhabitant between 1930-1946.


She was born in Viipuri, Finland. Her father was a soldier and later a janitor. Andersson started work as a child and worked as a servant in the family of Gentlemen. She has been said to have travelled with foreign hosts alongside foreigners and spoke Finnish, Swedish and Russian.

Later, she sold flowers on the street in the center of Helsinki. Andersson was unmarried and childless. When she was the claimed age of at least 110 years, she was remembered with festive greetings and the City of Helsinki honoured her with a 500-month monthly pension.

Andersson died on 24 August 1946 at the claimed age of 117 years, 243 days. Andersson is buried in Hietaniemi Cemetery.