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Maria Jantke
Maria Jantke
Birth: 18 October 1902
West Prussia, German Empire (now Malbork, Pomerania, Poland)
Death: 9 March 2013
Mulheim, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Age: 110 years, 142 days
Country: PolandPOLGermanyGER

Maria Jantke (18 October 1902 – 9 March 2013) was a German supercentenarian who is validated by the Gerontology Research Group.


Maria Jantke was born in Stadtfelde bei Marienburg, West Prussia, German Empire; presently in Malbork County, Pomerania Voivodeship, Poland. She had seven siblings. Her father was an estate manager on a large estate. He died in the First World War.

Jantke found work as a florist. In 1933, she moved to Mulheim together with her husband. The couple had three children: daughters Traute and Hildegard and a son Rudi. In Mulheim, she worked in a furniture store. She was widowed in 1954.

Jantke has never been to the doctor all her life. After a fall in her own apartment at the age of 105, which resulted in a fractured femoral neck, she moved into a retirement home. She was confined to a wheelchair since then. At 110, she was almost blind and deaf but still mentally sharp.

At the time of her passing, she was the oldest resident of the German state of Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Jantke died on 9 March 2013, aged 110 years, 142 days.[1]