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Maria Lucimar Pereira
Maria Lucimar Pereira
Maria Lucimar Pereira in 2011
Birth: 3 September 1890?
Brazilian Amazon, Brazil
Age: 131 years, 140 days?
Country: BrazilBRA
Longevity myth

Maria Lucimar Pereira (born 3 September 1890?) is a Brazilian longevity claimant to the "world's oldest person" title.


Maria Lucimar Pereira was allegedly born on a rubber plantation in the western Brazilian Amazon, near the border with Peru. She is a member of the Kaxinawa tribe, an indigenous people of Brazil and Peru. She attributes her reported longevity to eating "natural foods", such as grilled meat, monkey, fish, manioc (a root vegetable), and banana porridge.

Age issue

Staff for Brazil's National Institute of Social Security found that Pereira has a birth certificate stating her year of birth as 1890. However, this certificate was only approved in 1985, late in her life. Exaggerated longevity claims may be common in Pereira's village, as four out of the 80 inhabitants in the village are over 90 years old.