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Maria Uranga de Sanz
Maria Uranga de Sanz
Birth: 9 April 1898
Sarandi del Yí, Uruguay
Death: April 2010
Jardin America, Argentina
Age: 111 years, 354 days+
Country: UruguayURUArgentinaARG

Maria Uranga de Sanz [Spanish: María Uranga de Sanz] (9 April 1898 – April 2010) was a unvalidated Uruguayan-Argentine supercentenarian. She was believed to be the oldest living person in Argentina, after the death Elina Valenzuela on 1 November 2006.


Maria Uranga de Sanz was born in Sarandi del Yi, Uruguay on 9 April 1898. At some point of her life, she emigrated to Argentina, where she initially settled in the town of Aristobulo del Valle.

She married Anastasio Sanz and had three sons (Alberto Ramón, Guillermo César and Paulino Sanz) and adopted two girls. She had nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

She lived in Nursing Home San José in Jardin America, Argentina. She died at the age of 111, near her 112th birthday in 2010.