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Marie-Louise Plante
Birth: 10 March 1725
Sorel, Quebec, New France (now Canada)
Death: 14 June 1832
Quebec, British Empire (now Canada)
Age: 107 years, 96 days
Country: CanadaCAN

Marie-Louise Plante (10 March 1725 - 14 June 1832) was a Quebecois centenarian and the first person verified to reach the ages of 106 and 107, and at the time of her death was the oldest person ever, though her record has since been surpassed numerous times.


Records show that Marie-Louise Plante was born 10 March 1725, in Sorel, Quebec. Her father was Jeane Plante. Her mother was Marie Jeanne Hus. On 24 May 1762, she married a man named Antonie Comptois in Berthier, Quebec. By this time, New Francee no longer existed - she was now living in the Province of Quebec, which was part of the British Empire. She had three children, Pierre, Antoine, and Gonzaque. On 9 January 1813, she became a widow when her husband died. On 10 March 1831, she celebrated her 106th birthday, becoming the first to do so, then went on to become the first to reach 107 years of age. She died on 14 June 1832, at the age of 107 years, 96 days. She would remain the oldest person ever until Pierre Darcourt surpassed her in age.


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