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Marie Kraslova
Marie Kraslova
Birth: 13 November 1898
Usilne, Austria-Hungary (now Czech Republic)
Death: 1 June 2008
Usilne, South Bohemia, Czech Republic
Age: 109 years, 231 days
Country: Czech RepublicCZE

Marie Kraslova [Czech: Marie Kráslová] (13 November 1898 – 1 June 2008) was a Czech centenarian who was the oldest living person in the Czech Republic.


Marie Kraslova was born in Usilne [Czech: Úsilné], Austria-Hungary (now South Bohemia, Czech Republic) on 13 November 1898.

In spite of the poor sight and hearing, Kraslova had a good memory, according to her relatives. She remembered, as she had seen the Austro-Hungarian emperor Franz Joseph, when he and his companion passed through her home town. When the Emperor died in 1916, he was eighteen years old. She moved to a care home in 2005 after an accident. She was affectionately called by her grandchildren "little grandmother" [Czech: "malá babička"].

Kraslova became the oldest living person in the Czech Republic following the death of Frantiska Novotna of Vysocina on 31 December 2005.

Kraslova died on 1 June 2008 at the age of 109. She was the last surviving person born in the 1800s in the Czech Republic.


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