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Mary Broyles
Mary Broyles
Mary Broyles in 1986.
Birth: 25 April 1876
Madison, Indiana, USA
Death: 4 August 1987
Gaston, Indiana, USA
Age: 111 years, 101 days
Country: United StatesUSA

Mary Florence Broyles (née Smith; 25 April 1876 – 4 August 1987) was an American woman notable for her long life.


Mary Broyles was born in Madison, Indiana, USA on 25 April 1876. Her parents were Jacob and Sophia Smith. She married Oren Broyles in Madison, Indiana on 13 June 1896. The couple had three children, Beatrice, Dorothea and Rudolph. Mary and Oren were married for almost 74 years before Oren died in 1970.

Mary Broyles died in Gaston, Indiana on 4 August 1987 at the age of 111 years, 101 days.