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Not to be confused with Mary "Mollie" Walker and Mary Florence Walker.

Mary Walker
Mary Walker
Mary Walker on her claimed 118th birthday in 1966
Birth: 6 May 1848?
Union Springs, Alabama, USA
Death: 1 December 1969
Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
Age: 121 years, 209 days?
Country: United StatesUSA
Longevity claimant

Mary Hardway Walker (6 May 1848? – 1 December 1969) was an American longevity claimant who, if validated, would have been the oldest person in the world at the time of her death. She would also be the oldest slave ever, the oldest American ever (that title is held by validated Sarah Knauss), and the second oldest person ever. If validated, she would be the first person to reach the ages of 114 through 121.


Mary Walker claimed to have been born into slavery around the date of 6 May 1848. At the age of 15, she was freed and was given a bible, despite not being able to read it. She married twice and had at least 3 sons, the eldest of whom served in World War I. By 1962, she had outlived her entire family.

Walker did not learn to read until she was allegedly 116.[1] At the claimed age of 118, she took her first airplane ride. In her final year, she was still able to hear and see well, as well as still being able to walk.

Walker died in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA on 1 December 1969 at the claimed age of 121 years, 209 days.[2]


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