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Maude Harris
Maude Harris
Harris at the age of 113
Birth: 15 August 1907
Minnesota, USA
Age: 114 years, 326 days
Country: United StatesUSA

Maude Florence Harris (née Juelson; born 15 August 1907 – fl.3 May 2021?) is an American supercentenarian who if alive, would be the oldest living person in the USA, but not the oldest born in the USA since Maria Branyas Morera of Spain is older. Harris also holds the record for being the oldest woman to have ever been born in the U.S. state of Minnesota, and is the second-oldest person ever born in the state, after Walter Breuning. Her age is validated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG). She is currently in Limbo on the World Supercentenarian Rankings List.


Harris was born in Sundal Township, Norman County, Minnesota, USA, on 15 August 1907. Her parents were John Alfred and Swedish-born Ellen Juelson (née Johnson). She had four younger siblings: Bernice, Harman, Corine and Elaine. Her paternal grandmother, also named Ellen, was born in Norway.

In 1938, she married Guy Harris in King County, Washington, USA. They had no children at the time of the 1940 US Census.

At the age of 103, Harris was reported to be quite active, and knitted hats and sweaters for premature babies born at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Her age was validated by the GRG on 17 November 2019.

At the time she entered limbo, she was the oldest living Floridian and lived in a retirement community in Hialeah, Florida, USA.

It's quite likely that she died on 3 May 2021, but since this is not an official confirmation, she's in limbo for the time being.