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Mikko Myrskyla (born 1978) is a Finnish demographer who is a professor of Demography at the London School of Economics and the executive director of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPIDR), notable for its work in the field of extreme longevity tracking.[1] His research interests include population health, fertility analysis, and demographic forecasting.[2]


Myrskyla was born in Helsinki, Finland, in 1978.[1] He began his scientific publishing activities in 1999, and since 2012 he has published 6–7 articles annually in leading journals in the above-mentioned fields of research, and also in the journal Nature. His participation as an invited speaker in international conferences was extensive. He defended his dissertation at the University of Helsinki in statistics in 2007 and at the University of Pennsylvania in demography in 2009. He has also studied at the University of Jyväskylä.

He holds a PhD in Demography from the University of Pennsylvania, and a PhD Statistics from the University of Helsinki[3]. He was appointed as the new co-director of the MPIDR in October 2014, along with founding director James Vaupel,[4] and has been the executive director since July 2015.[1] He has authored over 40 publications.[2] The Finnish Academy of Sciences has awarded the 2015 Jutikkala Prize to Professor Mikko Myrskyla for his scientific merits[5].