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Nannie Watson
Nannie Watson
Birth: 20 August 1876
King George County, Virginia, USA
Death: 13 July 1988
Woodbridge, Virginia, USA
Age: 111 years, 328 days
Country: United StatesUSA

Nannie Bryant Watson (née Kelley; 20 August 1876 – 13 July 1988) was a validated American supercentenarian.


Nannie Watson was born in King George County, Virginia, USA as Nannie Bryant Kelley. She was one of seven siblings and her father was a Civil War veteran. She met her future husband Frank Watson in 1898 in Washington when working as a nurse's aid in Washington. She had travelled there with a steamboat. Two years later, they married and moved to Brooke, Virginia. He worked as a farmer there while Nannie was a gardener. The couple had three children in total. Frank died in 1936. She continued living in the same house until 1960, when she started living with her daughter Marian Fitzgerald. In 1980, she moved to a nursing home. She neither smoked nor drank in her life. Her nickname was "Aunt Nannie".

Her 107th birthday in 1983 wish was to have a radio from which she could hear the news. She didn’t know whether she’d make it to her 108th birthday in 1984 or not. Her mind was still alert, while her eyesight was getting worse. She was in a wheelchair at the time. She stated that she "always enjoyed working". She previously had an operation for skin cancer. She was said to sleep and talk a lot, especially about past events.

On her 109th birthday in 1985, her health was described as "very good" despite having hearing problems.

Watson died in Woodbridge, Virginia, USA on 13 July 1988 at the age of 111 years, 328 days. The cause of death was pneumonia. Her heart and blood pressure was still good at the time of her death.