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Naomi Conner
Naomi Conner
Birth: 30 August 1899
Warren, Texas, USA
Death: 18 October 2013
McGregor, Texas, USA
Age: 114 years, 49 days
Country: United StatesUSA

Naomi Conner (née Gray; 30 August 1899 – 18 October 2013) was a validated American supercentenarian who at the time of her death was the oldest living person in Texas, the sixth-oldest living person in the world, and the eighth-to-last verified person born in the 1800s.[1]


Naomi Gray was born on 30 August 1899 in Warren, Texas.[2] As a young woman, she worked in the fields, raised her own livestock and made her own medicine. She reportedly "could cut a hog’s throat and knock a bull out by hitting him between the eyes".

She lived in McGregor, Texas, for the last 65 years of her life. She moved in to a nursing home in 2003, where even well in to her old age she would do voluntarily do jobs such as folding laundry. One of her favorite sayings was “If a task is once begun, never leave until it’s done. Be the labour great or small, do it well or not at all.” She did not like cars, so chose to walk instead, and preferred dresses over pants.

She died on 18 October 2013, aged 114 years, 49 days. Just a few days before she died, she was still able to go to church and participate in activities at the nursing home.[3]

Conner had several centenarian siblings, including a brother, Eugene Gray, who lived to 105 and a sister Girtha T. Gray who lived to 103.[4]