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Nellie Renne
Nellie Renne
Birth: 26 October 1867
London, England
Death: 13 April 1978
Oak Park, Illinois, USA
Age: 110 years, 169 days
Country: United StatesUSA

Ellen Louisa "Nellie" Renne (née Denton; 26 October 1867 - 13 April 1978) was a British-American woman notable for her longevity. She was born in London, England on 26 October 1867 as the daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Rowlence Denton and came to Illinois, USA when she was just nine months old. She married Vernon Renne i Sangamon, Illinois on 17 October 1889 and had three daughters, Bessie, Dorothy, and Nellie. She was widowed in 1948. Nellie Renne died in Oak Park, Illinois on 13 April 1978, aged 110 years, 169 days. Her case is currently pending.