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Oscar Munyoro Katsukunya
Oscar Munyoro Katsukunya
Birth: 12 November 1907
Kutama, Rhodesia (current Zimbabwe)
Death: 4 May 2016
Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe
Age: 108 years, 172 days
Country: ZimbabweZIM

Sekuru Oscar Munyoro Katsukunya (12 November 1907 – 4 May 2016) was a Zimbabwean centenarian.


Oscar Munyoro Katsukunya was born in Kutama, near Harare, Rhodesia (current Zimbabwe) on 12 November 1907. He himself claimed that he was born in 1897.[1] He only started school (Sub A) at St Benedicts School in Mutoko when he was already a teen. He had worked on a farm for two years.

In 1928, he subsequently enrolled for a teaching course at Kutama Catholic Mission, graduating in 1930. Katsukunya claimed that he was former teacher of late president Robert Mugabe and the late veteran politician, James Chikerema at Kutama Mission in 1931.[2] He was to be a teacher for the next 36 years, retiring from public service in 1967. In 1977 Katsukunya was drinking with some colleagues when a chopper full of Rhodesian soldiers descended on them accusing them of holding a political meeting. He was arrested only to be released from prison in 1979 during an amnesty leading to Zimbabwe’s independence. Sekuru Katsukunya had 12 children with his wife Maria who died in 2005 after living a seemingly long life.

Oscar Munyoro Katsukunya died in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe on 4 May 2016 at the claimed age of 120 years.[3] However his real age according to his ID-card was 108 years, 172 days.[4]