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Paul Veit
Paul Veit
Paul Veit at age 109
Birth: 15 January 1903
Henriette, Prussia (Brandenburg)
Death: 21 March 2013
Neuruppin, Germany
Age: 110 years, 65 days
Country: GermanyGER

Paul Veit (15 January 1903 – 21 March 2013) was a German supercentenarian who was the sixth man from Germany to become a supercentenarian. Since the passing of Carl Berner on 7 January 2013, Veit was the oldest living German native man. He is currently pending.


Veit was born on 15 January 1903 in Henriette, Lower Lusatia and moved to Neuruppin in 1912 with his family, including two siblings. Since 1930, he and his brother Otto owned a confectionery, where he met his future wife Charlotte in the early 1930s. In World War II Veit was conscripted and got into Norwegian and Russian captivity. In 1947 he appeared and started working in a co-op. The coupled raised now also one daughter called Marion. Veit retired at age 71 and his wife Charlotte died at the age of 94 in the late 1990s. He was living with his daughter in an apartment being placed above the former confectionery until he was 109. Before he was a well-known part of Neuruppin’s all-day life. Getting older he became some introverted, although being quiet well informed about daily news and having no physical problems. So he spent most of his time in front of a window watching the people outside. At the end of 2012 his daughter taking care of him decided to move into another apartment so that Veit was able to go outside with the help of a wheelchair.

Paul Veit traced his longevity to non-smoking, drinking less alcohol, dancing, laughing a lot and being always a gentleman.

He died on 21 March 2013 at the age of 110 years and 2 months, having no descendants except his daughter.


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