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Percy Arrowsmith (13 March 1900 – 15 June 2005) and Florence Arrowsmith (31 October 1904 – 9 April 2007) were, until Percy's death, a long time married couple residing in Hereford, England.


On 1 June 2005 they erroneously made it into the Guinness World Records for the longest marriage for a living couple and the oldest aggregate age of a married couple. They had been married for 80 years, having married in Hereford in 1925, three years after they met.

However, Le Monde newspaper revealed that one couple in France was even older than the Arrowsmiths: André Léon Alphonse Debry (15 June 1898 – 31 August 2005) and Marguerite Pingaud (10 October 1903 – January 2006) were married on 12 August 1924 and celebrated their 81st wedding anniversary in August 2005 shortly before the husband's death.

Percy died only exactly two weeks later on at age 105 and Florence died almost two years afterwards at age 102.