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Pierre Joubert
Birth: 15 July 1701?
Charlesbourg, Quebec, Quebec, Canada
Death: 16 November 1814
St-Denis-sur-Richelieu, St-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada
Age: 113 years, 124 days?
Country: CanadaCAN
Longevity claimant

Pierre Joubert Sr. (15 July 1701 – 19 July 1766) and Pierre Joubert Jr. (10 March 1732 – 16 November 1814) were a father and son who were mistakenly conflated into a single Pierre Joubert (15 July 1701 – 16 November 1814), listed in Guinness World Records for decades as the oldest man ever at the supposed age of 113 years, 124 days, until an investigation revealed that Joubert had died in 1766 aged 65 years, 4 days, and that the man who died in 1814 was his son, and the actual age of the latter was 82 years, 250 days, although Pierre Joubert Jr claimed to be 105 at his death[1][2].

The case was originally "validated" in 1878 by the Tache investigation. In 1990, researchers led by Charbonneau re-investigated the case and discovered convincing evidence that this was a case of "conflation"–mis-matching a birth record of one person with the death record of another

Upon this discovery, Guinness withdrew validation of the case.