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Reuel Millar
Reuel Millar
Reuel Millar (left) at the age of 110.
Birth: 1 March 1897
North Bend, Nebraska, USA
Death: 15 April 2007
Lakewood, Colorado, USA
Age: 110 years, 45 days
Country: United StatesUSA

Reuel Seth Millar (1 March 1897 – 15 April 2007) was a validated American supercentenarian.


Reuel Millar was born in North Bend, Dodge County, Nebraska, on 1 March 1897. His parents were Archie and Emma Millar. To transport himself to school, he and his sister used to ride a horse for 3 miles. There, he used to heat up the small school.

He married Bernice Rodaway soon after World War 1. The couple subsequently moved to Deer Lodge County. Millar had various occupations including farming, copper smelter, running a grocery store and a soda fountain called Town Talk. In 1926, their son Richard was born.

They later relocated to Colorado, where he also owned a grocery store. Bernice passed away in 1975. Millar was able to drive until he was 108 years old, when he was starting to have difficulty moving. He is one of the oldest drivers ever.

Millar died in Lakewood, Colorado, USA, on 15 April 2007, at the age of 110/111? years, 45 days. Revalidation research suggests he was possibly a year older.[1]