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Ricardo Pereira Lago, A.A., A.A.S. (born June 12, 1993 in São Paulo, Brazil) is a Gerontology Research Group Correspondent for Brazil since 2015. Together with the other members of GRG, he is partially responsable for the validation of cases in Brazil and other Latin American cases, especially the first validated cases in Panamá and Mexico.

As an active member of GRG, he is eventually interviewed or mentioned in articles about supercentenarians in Brazil and other countries of Latin America.  His passion for the longevity research began in 2008 with the death of brazilian actress Dercy Gonçalves (1907-2008) at the age of 101. In his own words, he was fascinated to discover that someone a hundred years older than him was alive at that time (Edna Parker was the oldest living person at that moment) and decided to research more.

The Oldest Person he met in person was a 103 years old lady, but he also had telephone calls with  Alida Grubba Rudge, Doyenne of Brazil at the age of 113.

Longevity runs in Ricardo's family, his ancestors achieved the age of 98 at the XVIII century and a great great aunt died in 2018 at the age of 100. Furthermore his family includes a supercentenarian claimant at the age of 110.

In addition to his work as a correspondent, he graduated in Music on Oreste Sinatra Conservatory, where he studied under the supervision of Claudia Sinatra, cousin of the great Maestro Frank Sinatra. In his musical career he participated in the Idolos (Brazilian Version of American Idol), The X Factor Brasil and recently auditioned for the role of Raoul, Visconde de Chagny in the Brazilian version of the musical The Phantom of The Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber. He also acts as an amateur historian and active monarchist in the restoration movements of the Empire of Brazil, having personally met his Royal Highness, Dom Bertrand de Orleans and Bragança, the Imperial Prince of Brazil and the great great grandchild of Dom Pedro II, the last reigning emperor of Brazil. He is fluent in English, Spanish and Italian, and can read Latin, due to his active service in the Catholic Church.