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Richie Richardson
Richie Richardson
Richie Richardson on his claimed 110th birthday in 2017.
Birth: c.31 January 1907?
Queensland, Australia
Death: 14 February 2017
Queensland, Australia
Age: 110 years, c.14 days?
Country: AustraliaAUS

Richie Richardson (c.31 January 1907? – 14 February 2017) was an Australian supercentenarian claimant who claimed to be the oldest living man in Australia at the time of his death.


Richardson claimed to have been born around 31 January 1907 at Magoura Station, 18 miles from Normanton, Queensland, Australia. His mother was Aboriginal and his father was the white bookkeeper on the cattle station.

When Richardson married in 1937, the registering policeman needed a birth date for him. He didn’t have one, so he made it up, 7 June 1916, but Richardson always told his family he was much older. He always told the stories about World War I to his daughter, Tessie Owens. He had seven children, three of whom were alive as of 2017 (Tessie, June and Jack). He gave up working as a stockman at the age of 80, and went into horse racing.

Richardson's eldest daughters, Dulcie and June Richardson, both had large families (11 and 13 children respectively) and most of those children have children. In 2017, Richardson had between 150 and 200 grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Richardson died in Queensland, Australia on 14 February 2017, at the claimed age of 110 years, c.14 days.