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Rosa Rose
Rosa Rose
Rose at the age of 111
Birth: 4 December 1903
Prussiva (Hanover), Germany
Death: 25 April 2015
Nordhorn, Lower Saxony, Germany
Age: 111 years, 142 days
Country: GermanyGER

Rosa Rose (4 December 1903 – 25 April 2015) was a validated German supercentenarian who was, at the time of her death at the age of 111 years, 142 days, the oldest living inhabitant of Lower Saxony and the penultimate German to have been born in 1903.


Rosa Rose was born in Osnabruck on 4 December 1903. One of her earliest memory was how her mother stored the christmas tree until March when her father came back from the war front of World War I. Later, Rose was trained as a modist.

After she married her husband Wilhelm, the couple moved to Nordhorn in 1938. They had two children. Her husband worked as a teacher and choir director. It was reported that his former pupils took part in Rose's centenarian and supercentenarian birthdays. Rose started living with her daughter Irmgard after she gave up living on her own at the age of 94. At the age of 111, Rose was not able to move without help anymore, had bad hearing, and slight problems with her short-term memory. Her family took care of Rose, which she was thankful for. She spent most of the time doing calm activities like having a chat or watching TV. She was also aware of being Germany’s second-oldest living person but mentioned giving up on it would not be the worst.

Rosa Rose died on 25 April 2015 at the age of 111 years, 142 days, as the oldest living citizen of Lower Saxony. Next to Charlotte Klamroth, she was the penultimate German person to have been born in 1903. Rose was preceded in death by her daughter and following generations.