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Rosa Zoila Higuera Velandia
Rosa Zoila Higuera Velandia
Higuera Velandia on her claimed 113th birthday
Birth: 23 August 1906?
Jerico, Boyaca, Colombia
Age: 115 years, 105 days?
Country: ColombiaCOL
Longevity claimant

Rosa Zoila Higuera Velandia (born 23 August 1906?) is a Colombian longevity claimant.


Higuera Velandia claims to have been born in Jerico, Boyaca, Colombia on 23 August 1906. In August 2019, a large party in El Zulia was held to celebrate her claimed 113th birthday.

Higuera Velandia currently lives in El Zulia, Norte de Santander, Colombia at the claimed age of 115 years, 105 days. If her claimed age is true, she would be among the oldest living people in Colombia.