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Sam Baker
Sam Baker
Birth: 19 December 1903
Poland (Rus. Emp.)
Death: 5 August 2013
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Age: 109 years, 229 days
Country: PolandPOLCanadaCAN

Sam Baker (19 December 1903 – 5 August 2013) was a Polish-Canadian centenarian who was the oldest living man in Canada.


Samuel Baker was born on 19 December 1903. He is the oldest person in history known to have been born aboard a ship. He lived to 109. He was born aboard a ship which sailed from Poland to Canada on 19 December 1903. He started using a walker since he was 108 and had hearing problems.

Baker married Joan in 1940, and had three children (a son named Steven and two daughters). His son credits his longevity to him walking a lot. He used to walk one mile per day until he developed back problems in his 90s.

Sam Baker died on 5 August 2013, and his successor for the title of the oldest living Canadian man was anonymous man from Saskatchewan identified. At the time of his death, he was also the oldest Jewish person in Winnipeg.


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