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Sara Treves
Sara Treves
Sara Treves on her 107th birthday.
Birth: 16 April 1913
Istanbul, Ottoman Empire (present-day Turkey)
Age: 108 years, 280 days
Country: Israel ISR

Sara Treves [Hebrew: שרה טרבס] (born 16 April 1913) is an Ottoman Empire-born Israeli centenarian who is one of the oldest known living people in Israel.


Sara Treves was born in Istanbul, Ottoman Empire (present-day Turkey) on 16 April 1913. She moved to Mandatory Palestine (present-day Israel) in 1935.

Around 1998, she moved to Azrieli Palace nursing home. Her brother Gabriel Nahum celebrated his 100th birthday in Istanbul, Turkey in July 2016.

In April 2020, she celebrated her 107th birthday, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, she could only see her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren through the window of the nursing home where she lives.

Sara Treves currently lives at Azrieli Palace nursing home in Raanana, Central District, Israel, at the age of 108 years, 280 days.