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Sean Clancy
Sean Clancy
Sean Clancy in his centenarian years.
Birth: 7 July 1901
County Clare, Ireland
Death: 17 September 2006
County Dublin, Ireland
Age: 105 years, 72 days
Country: Ireland IRL

Sean [Seán] Clancy (7 July 1901 – 17 September 2006) was a veteran of Ireland's War of Independence. Clancy served in the war as a member of Irish Volunteers, and later as a commander of the Fifth Infantry Battalion in the Irish Defence Forces. He was a lieutenant colonel at the time of his death.

Clancy was a prominent participant in the Dublin Castle ceremony in which Britain handed power to the new Irish government.

Sean Clancy died in Dublin on 17 September 2006 at the age of 105 years, 72 days. At the time of his death he was Ireland's second oldest man and the oldest veteran surviving War of Independence.