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Serge Koolish
Birth: 31 March 1906
Death: 29 January 2017
Brookhaven, Philadelphia, USA
Age: 110 years, 304 days
Country: UkraineUKRUnited StatesUSA

Serge Koolish (31 March 1906 – 29 January 2017) was a Ukrainian-American supercentenarian whose age is currently unverified by the GRG.


Serge Koolish claimed that he was born in Ukrane on 31 March 1906. He was a former mechanical engineer and said he survived being a war prisoner in Germany in World War II. He served as an officer in the Russian army during World War II.

Serge Koolish died in Brookhaven, Pennsylvania, USA on 29 January 2017 at the claimed age of 110 years, 304 days. He is the only supercentenarian male to die in Pennsylvania.