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Soogaree Jattan
Soogaree Jattan
Soogaree at claimed age of 110, with her daughter, Anandai Ramlagan
Birth: 30 May 1904
Uttar Pradesh, British Raj (now India)
Death: 1 June 2014
Mount Hope, Trinidad and Tobago
Age: 110 years, 2 days
Country: IndiaINDTrinidad & TobagoTRI

Soogaree Jattan (30 May 1904? – 1 June 2014) was an Indian-born Trinidadian supercentenarian claimant whose age is currently unvalidated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG). If her age were true, she could be one of the oldest people ever who died in Trinidad and Tobago.


Soogaree claimed to be born in Uttar Pradesh, British Raj (now India) on 30 May 1904. Her father's name was Outar. She came to Trinidad and Tobago as a small child. Soogaree was three years old when she left India but had turned four by the time she and her family arrived in Trinidad aboard the SS Indus in 1908. Genealogist, Shamshu Deen, who had known her since 1989, said that she never knew her exact date of birth. Since she did not know her exact date of birth, her family had been celebrating her birthday on Indian Arrival Day.

She had five children (including Anandai Ramlagan). She was a vegetarian and credited her eating habits and hard work for her longevity.

Soogaree worked on the canefields at Brechin Castle (former Sugar Cane Factory). In 2008, she was presented with the National Republic Day Award for her longstanding contribution to national development.

She was hospitalised on 29 May 2014, due to general weakness associated with her age. She had been on oxygen and drips and had not been very responsive to calls of her name. Her family, however, were with her on her 110th birthday.

She died in Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mount Hope, Trinidad and Tobago on 1 June 2014 at claimed age of 110 years, 2 days.