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Ted Petkoff
Ted Petkoff
Birth: 31 January 1904
Ottoman Empire (present-day Macedonia)
Death: 5 April 2012
Georgina, Ontario, Canada
Age: 108 years, 65 days
Country: MacedoniaMKDCanadaCAN

Metody Naum "Ted" Petkoff (31 January 1904 — 5 April 2012) was a Macedonian-born Canadian centenarian.


Ted Petkoff was born in Macedonia on 31 January 1904. Later he moved Toronto, Canada in 1920. He worked shining shoes, washing dishes and slept in barns hoping for a free meal from the farmer. After the war, he found work selling confectionery and eventually met Oliver Crockford who built him a small block building which he opened in 1954 as "Ted's". He also operated the cafeteria at West Hill C.I. and Midland C.I. in the 1960s before retiring in 1970.

Ted Petkoff died in Georgina, Ontario, Canada at the age of 108 years, 65 days.[1][2][3] He is currently the oldest known man ever born in Macedonia.