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Tom Moore
Tom Moore
Birth: 30 April 1920
Keighley, West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
Death: 2 February 2021
Bedford, Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom
Age: 100 years, 278 days
Country: United Kingdom UK

Captain Sir Thomas Moore (30 April 1920 – 2 February 2021) was a British centenarian who raised more than £32.8 million for the British National Health Service during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.


Moore was born in Keighley, West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom on 30 April 1920. He was a civil engineer, before being in British Army during World War II. He lived with his daughter, his son-in-law, and two grandchildren in Bedford, Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom, following the death of his wife in 2006.

During the first lockdown (due to the COVID-19 pandemic) in the United Kingdom in 2020, he decided to walk 100 laps on his garden with his walker, in order to raise money for NHS Charities Together, which raises funds for UK hospitals. His first aim was to raise £1000, but he managed to raise over £32.8 million.

Moore was knighted by the Queen Elizabeth II in July 2020. A film was also produced about his story. In January 2021, he tested positive to COVID-19, while he was being treated for pneumonia. On 2 February 2021, he died of complications from COVID-19 at the age of 100 years, 278 days in a hospital in Bedford, Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom.