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Ursilla Connor
Ursilla Connor
Connor in March 2019.
Birth: 29 August 1913
South Valley, Anguilla
Age: 108 years, 96 days
Country: AnguillaAIA

Ursilla Vanita Levons Connor (born 29 August 1913) is an Anguillian centenarian who is currently the oldest known living person in Anguilla (an overseas territory of United Kingdom).


Levons Connor was born in South Valley, Anguilla, on 29 August 1913. She was adopted at the age of 1 and taken to South Hill where she grew up. She resided and worked for a time in Guadeloupe and later returned to Anguilla where she married her husband, Eric Connor. They had four children: Gerard, Lynette, Aubrey, and Jessica. There were also three other children whom they adopted: Cleveland Hoftyzer, Paula and Gene Gumbs. She was baptised as an Anglican, but confirmed as a Methodist at Bethel Church. She became a founding member of the Women League in 1946.

In 2013, she recieved a birthday card from the Queen Elizabeth II. The card was presented by Governor of Anguilla, Christina Scott at Government House in the presence of family members and friends. She became the oldest known living person in Anguilla, following the death of Charlie Gumbs on 29 April 2014.

Connor currently lives in South Hill, Anguilla at the age of 108 years, 96 days. She became the oldest woman ever from Anguilla when she surpassed Elma Gumbs age on 18 January 2021. On 17 February 2021, aged 107, she was vaccinated against Covid-19.