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Victor Kallal
Victor Kallal
Victor on 2 January 2016, age 107, with 16
mo-old great-granddaughter Emma Parker.
Birth: 6 December 1908
Jerseyville, Illinois, USA
Death: 25 October 2018
Highland, Illinois, USA
Age: 109 years, 323 days
Country: United StatesUSA

Victor Kallal (6 December 1908 – 25 October 2018) was an American centenarian, and one of the oldest living men in the USA at the time of his death.


Victor Charles Kallal ('Vic' or 'VCK') was born on 6 December 1908 in English Township, Jerseyville, Illinois, USA. He was the oldest child of Joseph Victor Kallal (1882–1969) and Teresa Barbara Kroupa (1883–1973). They had 12 children together.

Victor graduated from the University of Illinois in Urbana in August of 1934. On 27 December 1934 he married Catherine Marie Murphy. In 1939 they moved to Greenville,IL, where Vic became the first manager of the Southwestern Electric Cooperative. They had 8 children together.

Vic retired in 1978 at age 70. He remained an active member of the St Lawrence Catholic Church of Greenville, and took care of his wife Catherine until she died in December of 2006. At the time of her death, they had been married 72 years.

Vic lived in his own house with minimal assistance to age 104 in early 2013. He resided at Faith Countryside Homes in Highland, Illinois until his death. He is buried at the Catholic cemetery in Greenville, Illinois.