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Viola Toomer
Viola Toomer
Birth: 2 September 1904?
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Death: 5 July 2017
Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA
Age: 112 years, 306 days?
Country: United StatesUSA

Viola Toomer (2 September 1904? – 5 July 2017) was an American supercentenarian claimant whose age is currently unvalidated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG). She was African-American.


Viola Toomer claimed to have been born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States on 2 September 1904. She lived on her own until the claimed age of 100.

Five days before her claimed 110th birthday in 2014, Toomer underwent surgery for a hip fracture, and was back on her feet the following day.

Toomer died in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, United States on 5 July 2017, at the claimed age of 112 years, 306 days.