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Walter Williams
Walter Williams
Birth: 14 November 1854
Itawamba, Mississippi, USA
Death: 19 December 1959
Houston, Texas, USA
Age: 105 years, 35 days
Country: United StatesUSA

Walter Washington Green Williams (14 November 1854 [claimed 1842 and 1846] – 19 December 1959) claimed to be, aged 117 years, 35 days old, the last surviving Confederate veteran of the American Civil War. While his claim to age 117 has been debunked by census records, Williams' claims of being a forager in the war are uncertain as the service records are not an unequivocal identification. By his own account, he never saw combat, instead gathering cattle and other resources for the soldiers, and was only shot at once, while eating breakfast[1][2].

In the 1960s, GWR pulled recognition of his claimed age and gave the titles of "oldest soldier" and "last Civil War veteran" to John B. Salling, whose claim to age 112 has since been debunked as well.