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Yu Erjie
Yu Erjie
Yu Erjie on her 108th birthday.
Birth: 31 August 1899
Qing dynasty (now China)
Death: 7 December 2009
Nanning, Guangxi, China
Age: 110 years, 98 days
Country: ChinaCHN

Yu Erjie [Chinese: 玉二姐] (31 August 1899 – 7 December 2009) was a Chinese supercentenarian whose age is currently unvalidated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG).


Yu Erjie claimed to have been born on 31 August 1899 (19 July 1899 by lunar calendar) in Qing dynasty (China). She had a daughter (in her 70s in 2007), and a granddaughter, Huang Xiaoling [Chinese: 黄肖玲].

Yu lived with her ill daughter, and her neighbour Mo Liying [Chinese: 莫丽英] took care of the two elderly people with her wife since 2002 by living with them. In 2006, members of the QQ Love Group [Chinese: QQ爱群] helped Yu to repaint her house's walls and to repair the roof.

On her 108th birthday (celebrated six days in advance), Yu ate shou mian. Some members of QQ Love Group in Nanning washed her hair and organised her a celebration, which gathered more than 100 people (including members of Old Sister Group [Chinese: 老姐英]). She was reported to be in good health, although a bit deaf. She was also reported to be the oldest living person in Nanning.

In September 2007, some doctors of the 303rd Hospital of Popular Liberation Army made her passing an exam, and offered her mooncakes and grapes. In January 2009, Yu celebrated the Chinese New Year with her neighbours.

On 30 November 2009, Yu's granddaughter called the hospital, because her grandmother's health deteriorated. She wouldn't eat, had a bad mental health, and cough. He Shian [Chinese: 何世安], the director of the hospital, stated that she had serious respiratory and urinary infections, as well as deficient renal and cardiac functions, and bedsores on buttocks. With dialysis, anti-infection, and nutrient infusion, her health improved as of 2 December, and she said several times: "Thank you."

But on 2 December at evening, Yu's health deteriorated again, and was diagnosed with kidney failure. The 7 December, at 9 a.m., her respiration and blood circulation deteriorated. Her heartbeats stoppet at 10:18 a.m., and with the family consent, the doctors stopped the rescue.

Tian died at 10:48 a.m. on 7 December 2009 in Nanning, Guangxi, China, at the age of 110 years, 98 days. Her granddaughter said: "Grandma has always be so strong, I can't believe it, she is just gone..."